Corporate Advanced Services, Inc.

We are a US based company that specializes in the importing and distribution of mostly “As Seen on TV” types of products. We sell and ship products nationwide directly to individual consumers, as well as to small mom-n-pop retail stores all the way up to major big box retail store chains.

We sell products via a variety of ways such as custom designed websites, short and long form TV commercials, newspapers, magazines, inserts, and a few other types of media.

Our office is composed of:

  • Inbound call center for taking orders and handling customer service issues
  • Dealer division for supplying current and new retailers
  • Marketing team that strategically plans all advertising
  • Design team that creates the various ads for print, Internet, and TV
  • Advertising team that delivers us the best ad placements and cost nationwide in all media forms
  • Warehouse team for organizing, storage, pick-n-pack, and shipping of all inbound and outbound goods
  • Executive branch to manage staff and oversee daily business operations
  • Accounting team to handle payroll, taxes, and control cash flow
  • Internet Technology team to build and maintain websites and to keep our computer systems functioning properly

We have daily pick up and deliveries from various shipping companies including UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS.

We are always seeking the new, hot, must-have products to promote and sell nationwide. If you’re an inventor and have a product you think would be perfect for “As Seen on TV”, then contact us for details how we can get your product to the masses.

If you have seen our company name appear on your credit card statement it could be for one of the many different products we sell. If you recall ordering a product online we may have been the company that billed you for that order.

Corporate Advanced Services, Inc
7750 Zionsville Rd Ste 950
Indianapolis, IN 46268